Are you making these one way SEO link mistakes

A cheap advertising solution, free article marketing has provided a promotional alternative to many businesses that activate online! Did you know that what you read in newsletters actually comes from various content directories that publishers use? Good, average or poor articles, the material is sheerly abundant! Why are such materials free? Article marketing functions on low costs. There is no cheaper advertising than the web content made from informative materials. You write on a topic that relates to your business and you have links to your website included in the articles. The traffic level will increase, that’s for sure!

Free article marketing becomes possible because web directories use advertising to make money. Google Adsense has given many people the chance to make money by displaying ads on the pages that also provide lots of niche articles. By targeting a vertical market sector, businesses function within niches where they manage to make money. The advantages that result from free article marketing are relevant for web developers: links and the traffic they bring represent the big prize at stake. A big mistake that online business owners make is to get exposure with all the directories without checking their nature first. It takes quite a while to provide original content to submit to all directories around the web.

If the directories have a good reputation with Google, then, you should focus on those to support your free article marketing. Thus, once the material becomes available, you can move on and see what page rank article directories and niches have with Google. Some have a better reputation than others, and you can even find top lists with the best 25 article directories available Free article marketing has a certain risk of spamming, because search engines often ban too insistent yet irrelevant content. Free article marketing is in fact considered a major source for spamming, and it is not uncommon to come across it in all sorts of contexts.

To be entirely truthful, free article marketing carries lots of shades and not all of them are positive. You will not get great wealth overnight, and you should not eve expect it. Better try to work in honest conditions, doing your best to create valuable informative content. This should be submitted to directories with SEO Link Vine afterwards so that you can actually start to improve traffic and page ranking gradually. Results come with hard work, even if free article marketing saves you the advertising costs. There are other things to invest into when it comes to such businesses.