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Question by Javier M: ¿Good and cheap web hosting service?
I need a web hosting for an association. But I don’t want resellers. Yo can find great hosting selling web sites that looks as multinationals, but at the end, they’re boys in their home garage and you never find support (just the FAQs).
Is there any web hosting provider selling directly? Good prices, and added value is a most. I’m in Colombia, South America. Thanks

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Answer by [email protected]
I use 1 & 1 for my hosting needs.

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Question by jlm2261970: How do I find a good web hosting service?
I am trying to learn web design and need to find a cheap web host. I checked out Comcast and Google but they just have these pre-designed templates that look like they’re for people who just want to post stuff about their family reunion, etc. What I want to do is design pages in html and CSS and display them and the ones I mention won’t let me do that. How do I find a good (and cheap) web hosting service. Are there any that you would recommend?

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Answer by James C
Chimehost – VERY good, very affordable

even if you dont want to pay the also have profusehost as a sister company for free hosting

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Question by Rob: What is the absolute cheapest web hosting available today?
Just curious what hosting is available for an absolutely cheap website, with no bells and whistles. Just a domain and hosting for a site. Looks like $ 3.95 monthly is some of the cheapest I’ve seen. Are there any deals better?


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Answer by antiliberal12
for a “.info” website its only $ 3 a year

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