{article} anyone know a reliable and cheap web host?]

Question by lookingconfused: anyone know a reliable and cheap web host?
Hello everybody!
I am looking for a web host, preferably an inexpensive one. I have found this site: http://www.manadospace.com/sharedhosting.html
Can anyone explain why this costs £5 per year instead of £5 per month and whether this is a good deal? Perhaps someone knows of a good deal out there? Also would be grateful if someone could explain what ‘transfer’ space is and why I would need it.
Thank you everyone!
Thanks guys good work
Good shout faacadem. I was just browsing a load of hosting sites and decided hostmonster was the best, so thanks for confirming that!!

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Answer by Rick Rodz
http://2mhost.com is the way to go homie

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