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Question by : Best Blog Web Hosting Provider 2012?
I am looking Best Blog Web Hosting Provider in low cost for yearly bases. tell me which hosting company good and cheap????

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Answer by Rocky
Hostrich.com is a great web host company try now http://www.hostrich.com/

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Question by Renegade: Looking for the Best UK web hosting?
Hi everyone.

I’m looking for a good web hosting service preferably that is paid monthly and is at a very good price, Im trying to have a website for my small business which is service based so it doesn’t need to be for eccommerce purposes more a case of a small site to advertise my services, no bigger than 10 pages in size.

I keep coming to places to fasthost, 1&1, and justhost etc. but although they offer a lot of “special offers” they all seem to be misleading in that you either have to sign up to them for 24mths, but pay in full (although it usually states “just £4.99 per month”) I realise that it may average out at that price per month but I cannot afford a large lump sum for hosting.

So I’m either after a good host at a cheap monthly rate, or a good host which is an annual rate but doesnt need me to pay for 3yrs in advance.

Any help will be appreciated.

Many thanks

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Answer by Seth
If you don’t need a domain (www.yourname.com) then you can find free hosting with limited functionality, such as, http://www.000webhost.com/. If you want you own domain, most companies charge for the full year. If you are interested in hosting with me, please contact me at [email protected] I might start a hosting business at $ 3 a month.

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