{article} Best place to get cheap, reliable, high-quality web hosting?]

Question by Layla: Best place to get cheap, reliable, high-quality web hosting?
Explain which one(s), and why.
So, as requested, some more details… =D
– The site will be a blog, but also an online portfolio. I MAY decide to have exclusive tutorials on graphic making for subscribed members, but that’s only a maybe.
– The site will be using flash, so I might need lots of space since flash might take up some.
– I’m not going to be paying anything more that 15$ per month, no exceptions.
– What I mean by reliable, is that the site must have many people who use it, NO ADS, and has a clean and sleek web layout.
– Hosting must be ad free.
Hmm, anything else?
So basically, 50% going to be a business, but I’m not sure.

Best answer:

Answer by Stanley
you should specify more details:
– windows or linux or just a blog?
– custom application or off the shelf?
– how many users do you expect to have?
– do you want a dedicated server or shared?
– how expensive would down time be to your business?
– where are your customers?

all of these play a role in picking a hosting co

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