{article} Best site to start you’re first own website from?]

Question by cc0791: Best site to start you’re first own website from?
I’m new to this so i’m looking for a cheap web hosting site with help to build it please
I’m also looking to earn from google adsence ect ?

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Answer by Vorniee

Its free and I have two of my own websites from there!!

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Question by jade: Recommend a reliable web host with great tech support?
I need a new web host. I’m not interested in cheap, fly-by-night companies, but I need a solid hosting company that will provide great tech support for the variety of small websites I will be hosting with them. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated!

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Answer by therapy_reject
Heres an answer that doesnt look like an advertisement…….

I use and recommend HostGator. I’ve been with them for a while and never had any problems. From what I hear, their tech support is quick and helpful. They guarantee server uptime, and have great support for server side scripting. The plans arent too expensive, I’m paying 9/month for unlimited data/bandwidth/domains. Sure I could probably find it cheaper somewhere else, but like you I dont care for cheap fly by night companies.

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Question by Sushant: What includes in web hosting service from a web hosting service providers?
I have talked to web hosting service providers. And I have noticed that web hosting service rates r cheaper than normal service. By normal service I mean that (for example) The service provider will give me tools for building website design and it will be easier to make(as that sales man guy said it to me). But if I choose only web hosting service from that service provider then what I will have to do
to create a website. So that means I must use Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop and Notepad ++ in that case. Coz only hosting service plans (for example) give 5 GB space but normal service plans(for example) gives 2 GB space.

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Answer by David
It varies so much that you have to contact them.

But if you do a yahoo search on Michael Stroberwitz, he is an expert in web development, and he has the best recommendation for a web hosting service.

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Question by SoLeJo{twilighter}: What is the best web-hosting website?
im planning on starting a website.
where is a good place to do that?
i understand it costs some money, so im looking for somewhere cheap, but where i can do a lot!!

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Answer by Michael
I like http://www.domain.com/

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