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Question by gogetgeek: Best Web Hosting for Small Business and Multiple Domains?

I know this has been asked before, but I’ve searched many web sites and reviews and I’m still confused. So, I’ve narrowed it down to Hostmonster, Bluehost, and Lunarpages. I’m a pretty technical guy, but I’m looking for a reliable web host for multiple domains that some will use databases. I’m not so concerned about a “simple” web site creator, as opposed to one that follows the HTML & CSS standards. I was going to go with 1&1 after seeing their huge ads in PC Magazine until I read the reviews. Thus, I’m not so concerned about cheap, just a service that is reliable, professional, and popular. In other words, what service would a developer recommend and use?

This is what concerns me: http://www2.jeffcroft.com/blog/2006/feb/27/11-internet-is-the-devil/.

And then I just happened to stumble across DreamHost: http://www.dreamhost.com/aboutus.html. They are employee-owned, which in and of itself impresses me about a company. Any customer reviews on this company?

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Answer by Oren
Let me recommend 1and1.com and believe me you won’t regret. I’m a web designer and I’ve seen so many hosts that are really bad. 1and1 will give you a great package for $ 3.99 per month including 1 free domain name. They also give you up to 600 (!!!) email accounts and 10 databases in case you need them (included in the $ 3.99 per month).


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Question by shadowcamperz: Best choice for buying domain name/web hosting?
I’m interested in making a website with my own domain name. I have hardly any web page making skills yet but I think I could learn quickly.

I’m not sure how to start off the “getting a website” process though and I’d rather not get a free website from angelfire or anything like that.

I want to register a domain name and I’m not sure whether I’d rather get like a 5 year registration from somewhere cheap or a more expensive “domain name forever” (which sounds really good). I’d want a domain name forever because i might stop using the site for a while and come back to it later, and i wouldn’t want to keep the web hosting during the break but still keep the domain name. My requirements for web hosting are easily met. Two digit figure bandwidth/storage are probably fine.

Option 1 is from e.g. 3ix.org getting a domain name AND a web hosting – i believe its total $ 21 a year.
Option 2 is getting a more expensive plan like webhostingpad.com but getting a domain name forever and being able to switch hosting after a year or so. First year costs nearly $ 60.

– Am i mistaken about anything I’ve said, have i been misled
– If my needs are practically met by any service provider, what is my best option? (not necessarily one i’ve mentioned)
– By the way is there a way to buy a domain name forever without web hosting?

Best answer:

Answer by Melissa
You can certainly buy a domain name without web hosting but I guess that wouldn’t make sense unless you were to redirect that domain name to another site.

The company I use to get my domain AND hosting is www.1and1.com. They are really good and reliable. I’ve been with them for about 5 years now. They are also cheap. I spend $ 30 every three months for three domains. If you only want one domain, I believe it is $ 5 per month or something to that effect.

About the forever domain, well, you can also do that but I haven’t tried that route yet. However, I’ve had my domain www.melissamusic.com for almost ten years already. Guess I should look into that as well. Good luck!

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