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Question by bluesnake: best web hosting provider?
I have read many shared web hosting reviews and in fact asked a question a few days agon on Yahoo answers however I believe I closed the question by mistake.

I am looking for reliablity, EXPECIALLY good customer support, and advanced features. As I am IT pro, I am looking for a reliable business hosting for a client. Customer support must be great. Tons of features should be available. PHP based. What I’m looking at here is not cheap but a value for money option. Cheap of course would be better but don’t want to compromise.

Some people recommended HostMonster.com, Slicehost.com (not interested in VPS plan),inmotionhosting.com, bluehost.com.

So my top 3 in the list are:
1) bluehost
2) inmotionhosting
3) HostMonster

However ratings at http://www.besthostratings.com at not a wow….

Any personal experience to share please?


Anyone been with MediaEnd (www.mediaend.com) or Steadfast (Steadfast.com)

Could anyone please point out own experience? Any recommendations?.Please don’t recommend by just sending review links – been through that already.

I thought I will give some hosts a some stress tests myself :). For anyone looking for a host like me, here’s some feedback
– Inmotion support never replied my email, Live chat took 4 mins for initial response. After my 2nd question I’ve received
a reply after another 5 mins and stopped replying after my 3nd question without any notice.
– Powweb – Support facility is quite basic.
– Fatcow good support response and helful however no demo cpanel site, and lack features such as fantastico.
– HostMonster good support for round 1. However on round 2, the other operator was not so friendly. As for backups, the tech guy that backups MAY be taken on a weekly basis…MAYBE lol…(guess all depends on the sys admin mood)
– Weblaunchingpad lousy techical support.
– HostGator very good support however prices are more expensive than competitors
-JustHost VERY good support for round 1. However on round 2, the other operator was not so friendly.

Also another hosting asked me to confirm my identity by specifing the cpanel admin password!! (yes your password) or paypal
reference number.

Anyone else can share own experience with HostGator or Justhost.com?

Best answer:

Answer by rovert
I use Vodahost. http://www.vodahost.com/. I have been using them for 5 years. The support is fantastic, incredible value. More of everything than most providers. I’d be surprised if you find better. They are US based, but they could be next door. They have even phoned me a couple of times to check if everything is okay. Check out the forum. If you submit a support ticket they are always on the ball any time of day or night. Love them!! – I think a lot of the reviews on besthostratings must be by competitors. It does not reflect my experience.

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