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Question by Katia: Best Web Hosting Service????
I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on which is the best web hosting service???? There’s so many to choose from and so many different prices. I’ve heard that the cheap ones aren’t necessarily good if you want to drive a lot of traffic because places like google won’t recognize the cheap-o web hosts.

I want to set up an informational website, that will eventually have income-generating ads….. so at first it will be relatively small-medium. And I hope to drive a LOT of traffic to it.

These are some of the hosts I’ve come across: (Tell me if they’re any good?)
~Site Build It
~pair Networks

PLEASE, if you have used any of these or heard of someone using these…. give me your opinions on them! I need to figure out which ones are good and which ones would screw me over!

Remember: I want to EVENTUALLY have an income-generating informational website

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