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Question by imdandman: Buying a Domain Name?
I’m looking into buying a domain name for myself, but I’ve never done it before and need to be guided through the process. I don’t need hosting, because it will be a very small website, and I’ll be hosting it myself.

I’ve been looking on network solutions. When I click on advance I get hit with all these options.

1. Pubilc v. Private Registration
2. Get e-mail for your domain registration
3. Submit site to major search engines

What is Public v. Private Registration?

Isn’t the e-mail handled on the server?

If I want people to be able to find my site on Google, should I submit my site to major search engines?

Also, does anyone know of a good, cheap, ad-free web hosting service that supports ASP.Net and FTP accounts? I probably won’t need much bandwidth. SQL Server support would be nice too.

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Answer by headshot0123
You can register a domain name from lots of places on the internet. Just google register domain name. Usually it costs around 10 dollars per year to have a domain name. If you go to my source link they have a whole guide on how to build and promote a website including how to get a domian name.

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