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Question by will: Can a web hosting company affect the amount of traffic you get?
I have heard people have lost traffic on their website (and hence business) when they changed their web hosting company from a better one to a cheaper one. My question is, apart from the the bandwidth which is usually enough for a text based website or the uptime of the server, is there any other reason I can loose traffic if I move my site to another cheaper server? Does the web hosting company affects the traffic at all if yes in what sense. Please help. Why shouldn’t I move to a cheaper server which has myql? It is not an ecommerce website just an plain personnel site with some downloads. Thanks.

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Answer by tink_3239
Yes, but not too much. Places like FatCow have ways that you can see what other people have used that webhosting service and you can see the site they made from it, but other than that, it hardly affects your traffic. It really depends on how you promote the site.

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Question by bicballpoint: Chilly Domains – web hosting, has anyone else had problems with them?
Last August I was looking for a cheap hosting solution for a one page website, and chose these cowboys.

I have never been able to upload a single page to my alloctated domain, and each time I emailed them I was informed. ‘Our engineers have rectified the problem.’

In the end I just told them to get lost and used another hosting service.

But now, despite my pointing out that I could never access their services they are threatening me with debt collectors unless I pay up. It’s only a small amount, so they have added another year on for not cancelling by registered letter, although I did cancel by email, the same way I signed up.

I have a whole file of emails to them asking for help to access my domain, but never had a satisfactory reply.

I cannot believe I’m the only one to have problems with them.

Any advice appreciated.

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Answer by nolyad69
I’ve never heard of them.

I’d go with something more popular..

look at


They list the top 10 (or so) web hosting companies. I’d probably go with startlogic or bluehost

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www.WebHost.Uk.Net is a UK based web hosting company offering cheap yet reliable and secure web hosting solutions on both Linux and Windows servers and having a client base from all over the globe including Europe, United States, Asia, Australia, Middle East, etc. We are a stable, debt free company having a very strong infrastructure developed to offer affordable web hosting solutions to customers. Having no intentions of selling the company anytime in near future, we are one of the fastest growing UK company. After studying the existing web hosting requirements thoroughly, we have developed a stable and most reliable VPS and Dedicated web hosting solutions available under our division WebHosting.Uk.Net. We specialize in offering the best web hosting experience for our clients who wish to host their personal, small business, medium or large business, ecommerce websites on linux or windows servers hosted in UK datacenter.
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Question by : I want to start a business web site whats the best cheapest hosting with templates site for this?

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Answer by Usamah

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Question by Jim M: I need to find adult web site hosting with these features:?
I have an adult domain name that I own, I bought it recently from ipower.com. The reason I didn’t go with them for hosting is I wanted a host that didn’t charge a setup fee when I pay a few months at a time.

I’d like to keep the domain with them if I can, and just have the traffic forwarded to where the site is hosted

The hosting I’m looking for has to offer each of these:

I want cheap hosting, about $ 10 to $ 15 USD a month.

Montly payments, or 2 payments at a time

file manager access where I can copy and paste htmlcode straight into a file

ftp access where I can upload photos

24 hour support tech support by phone

The hosting I need has to have all of the above. Does anyone know a company that offers all this?

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Answer by Richard W
I have found a great host for my site, its www.servage.net

if you do sign up, use this coupon code cust26051 and you get extra storage space (and so do I).

This is what they offer, all for £4.50 per month, so thats about $ 9:

– 24/7 Expert Helpdesk
– Major Bandwidth Providers
– 24/7 Server Monitoring
– 99.98% Server Uptime
– Linux Operating System
– Secure Server (SSL) Included
– Host Unlimited Websites!
– Free Whois Privacy (Optional)

Mail Features
– Unlimited POP3 Mailboxes
– Unlimited IMAP Mailboxes
– Unlimited E-Mail Forwarders
– SMTP Server
– Online Mail Access (Webmail)
– Catch-All Mailbox
– Spam Filtering
– Unlimited Mailing Lists

Web features
– 360 GB Web Space (360000 MB)
– 3600 GB Transfer
– Unlimited FTP Accounts
– FTP Access [?]
– 1000 MySQL Databases (v4 & v5)
– FTPS (Encrypted FTP)
– PHP v4.4.4 & PHP v5.2.1
– GD Support
– Shockwave & Flash
– Microsoft Frontpage Support
– Custom Error Pages
– WAP Enabled
– XML Support
– Mod_Rewrite Enabled
– EXIF Support
– CGI/Perl
– SSI Support
– Python Support
– Private CGI-BIN
– ionCube Loader
– Zend Optimizer
– Run Zend Encoded Scripts
– Optional Hotlink Protection
– CURL Enabled
– PHPMyAdmin
– Webbuilder Software Included
– ImageMagick Support
– Netpbm Support
– Ruby on Rails
– Wildcard Domains
– Password Protected Directories
– Full .htaccess & .htpasswd Support

Additional Features (included)
– Web Based Administration Panel
– Full DNS Management
– 1 New Domain Included (or transfer)
– Multiple Domain Hosting
– Unlimited Subdomains
– Own Cronjobs
– Online Web Statistics
– Online Filemanager
– Automatic Script Installer
– Servage WebDrive (S:)

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