{article} Can anyone reccomend a cheap, Webhosting company in canada?]

Question by torontogal: Can anyone reccomend a cheap, Webhosting company in canada?
Hi I am looking for a web hosting company that offers a site builder with editable templates and flash ones as well?

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Answer by seb_thib_55
With experience, US hosting site are most often cheaper then Canada. I am Canadian and host my site on hostmonster.com

I’ve looked for Canadian sites and you get much less at a much higher price.

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Question by WILLIAM G: In Search of Web hosting that won’t break the bank, with Unlimited space?
I have a wordpress.com blog that is generating quite a lot of interest.

I am finding the lack of permission to advertise and use things like google analytics a bit of a pain in the rear end.

Does anyone know of any reliable Web hosts that don’t limit your web space nor your bandwidth that won’t break the bank?

Or one that I can pay monthly for at least, I find paying nearly £170 per year with dream host outrageously high so I want to try a cheaper option to test the water if you like.

I already have my own domain name.

Does anyone know of anything. Basically I want to run WordPress.org a friend says it is important to have “1 Click install”

Many thanks

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Answer by linkinhardyy
try freehostia, i use it and its pretty good

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Question by johnnydeep: where I can create, register domain and hosting? Cheap?
To start my own home base business., Register doamin hosting and create a web all in 1 for the best price.

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Answer by rjfoster22
IMHO GoDaddy has some of the best prices going (www.godaddy.com) They offer all web related services and products in one place, and the support is pretty decent too.

They are all I ever use!

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Question by Rather Grim: Need help – web site hosting and domain buying?

I am wanting to make my own website. A ‘.com.au’ site would be good.

I am looking for cheap domain buying and hosting (think that’s the correct terminology?), but I’m not really familiar with how I go about it.

If someone were able to outlay a few simple steps that I would need to take to get a website up and going, from start to end, and suggest a few sites I would purchase it from, it would be greatly appreciated! Or, if you link a site that gives me all the information that I want, it would be great too!

I don’t need a site that has a website builder, or something. I’m familiar with Adobe Dreamweaver, as I learnt how to use it in high school (they just didn’t teach us what to do with the website after we made it! haha)

Hosting that would allow me to later purchase more domains and host them on there to would be good.

Anyway, I have quite good computer knowledge, but zero knowledge on websites, so I will stop before making a fool out of myself.


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Answer by Jamal Ahmad Malik
Currently i have more than 25 my own websites running on the internet successfully, i got one hosting package that was Unlimited, it means that i can host unlimited wesites and unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and it cost me only US$ 4.45 Per Month.I would like to recomend you http://www.globat.com/join/index.bml?AffID=608619 Globat Unlimited Hosting, their Technical Support and Customer service is also very good.

For Domains you can go to http://www.active-domain.com they are offering US$ 9.50 for 1 domain registration and this is very affordable and good, i have all my domains registered with this domain registration company.

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