{article} Can anyone recommend a good Christian Web Host?]

Question by chezzam: Can anyone recommend a good Christian Web Host?
Looking for a good Christian web host that is cheap and reliable. Need about 50mb space. Can anyone recommend one?

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Answer by Chad B
What do you mean by “Christian Web host?” The host needs to have faith, repent and be baptized? Just kidding 😉

http://www.batcave.net is free and reliable and offers more than 50MB’s of space.

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Question by nren2k5: Recommend to me some good web hosting companies?
I have a small personal webpage and I’m unhappy with my current web hosting company (Brinkster).

Something free or very cheap would be best.

I’d prefer something that doesn’t force ads on my pages.

Having my own domain name is *not* important.

Support for languages such as PHP would be nice, but not necessary. Same goes for allowing me to host media files such as MP3s.
thanks everybody so far…

mxd, just curious how long you’ve been in business and about how many customers you have?

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Answer by miss T
I find alot of imformation on goggle.com

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Question by ? ???? ?? ???????? ?: Good web hosting site?
I am looking for something similar to FatCow.com. Something reasonably easy to use. Does anyone know what web hosting site is cheap(after the 1st yr or so) and usable?


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Answer by noor m
i’ve always used POWWEB.COM. its cheap and easy to use. Plus it has lots of great features, and unlimited data transfer. CHeck it out.

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