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Question by : Can anyone recommend a good web host?
I don’t mind paying for a domain (but it has to be £). I’d like my own domain name, e.g www.mysite.net. Can anyone recomend a good and fairly cheap host?

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Answer by Matt
I have a reseller account on a semi-dedicated server. I can set you up with some quality free hosting if you provide the domain (I recommend buying through ukreg.com). Generous bandwidth and storage, PHP + MySQL, etc.

Message me if you’re interested…

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Question by Will B: What web host is best for a gaming forum website?
I’m looking to build a website with information and reviews about games and other gaming related products, but mainly a user forum. I’m looking for something relatively cheap, but I’m willing to pay a little. Please help.

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Answer by David G
If you’re going to create a forum site at your own domain without any forced ads, you need a web host providing forum tools (phpbb or vbulletin).

Take a look at:
There you can reach the three reputable companies that are leaders in the forum website hosting industry.

My recommended service is:

Hope this helped.

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Question by Ajay S: Best Drupal Web Hosting Company?

I have decided to go with Drupal as a CMS and website builder. I want to know which is the best company (I am not looking for general referral links, or how cheap it is, or how good the overall customer service is) in terms of support for Drupal (installation, upgrades, customer service for drupal questions, drupal theme management etc.,).

I am evaluating site5, dreamhost and siteground. Which is the best among these. Any other that you recommend.



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Answer by dhvrm
I use Dreamhost and don’t have enough good things to say about them. I consider them the best LAMP-based hosting company, period.

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