{article} can someone help me in finding a web host that is good and still kinda cheap?]

Question by daisyhuff4: can someone help me in finding a web host that is good and still kinda cheap?
i need to design a website and find a web host for my new business. ANy help would be nice
thanks in advance

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Answer by BountyJack
Here are some free internet hosting sites


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Question by Referral: How do I make money online?
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Answer by Duck goes Oink Oink!
start making youtube video’s and become a youtube partner!

at www.youtube.com

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Question by : Who to use for web hosting?
Hi, I am looking at building a website for a small business and was wondering who to use for the hosting. I have checked and the domain is available etc. But not sure who to on the hosting:

The features I require are:

– At least 10 email accounts
– Check out processing facility
– Auto responder email facility
– 1GB Space
– FTP area (not required but helpful!)

Ideally I would like this as cheap as possible but understand to get the ‘right’ service, any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Answer by David Olivas
IPOWER is good and cheap.

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