{article} Can you supply the Best Hosting, Cheapest Web Hosting, Completed Domain Name Registrar, International OK?]

Question by nodongblas: Can you supply the Best Hosting, Cheapest Web Hosting, Completed Domain Name Registrar, International OK?
with user friendly interface, Control Panel, support PHP, database My SQL, PostGres SQL, MS Access, MS SQL, WAP/WML, CGI-BIN/Perl, FTP account unlimited, Email account unlimited, Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited POP3/SMTP, stable, fast server ?

Best answer:

Try to use Cheaps.Net Murih.com. Cheapest web hosting, cheapest webhosting cheapest hosting cheap web hosting cheap webhosting on my mind.We give you more choices, there is nine different hosting packages (includes Unlimited POP3 Email Adddres, Cpanel etc.) :
Super Economic Plan (cost only US$ 0.5/month) with 2 MB disk space, Starter Plan (cost only US$ 1.0/month) with 5 MB disk space , Tiny Plan cost only US$ 1.24/month with 15 MB disk space.

Lite Plan cost only US$ 5.04/month for 25 MB disk space, Free Hosting Plan with 45 MB disk space cost only US$ 7.0/month. Standard Plan with 75 MB disk space cost only US$ 8.18/month (Free Domain included).

Deluxe Plan 150 MB disk space for only US$ 13.75/month (Free Domain included), Executive Plan 300 MB disk space for only US$ 18.5/month (Free Domain included for annually payment).

Large Plan 600 MB disk space for only US$ 25.64/month (Free Domain & 1 Dedicated IP included for annually payment).

Huge Plan 1200 MB / 1,2 GB disk space for only US$ 35.58/month (Free Domain, 2 Dedicated IP, Unlimited Domain Pointer and private DNS included for annually payment) . If you can’t find your disk space or something at our plan , you can fill out our Special Hosting Plan order form.

All of our web hosting plans include the following features:
30-day money-back guarantee
99.5% Uptime Guarantee
cpanel 8.x+ (free to use)
Full Ecommerce Support !! (E-Shop Agora/Interchange Shopping Cart, Online Merchant Account)
Fast and friendly support
Free upgrade your plan anytime
Free to add/remove Frontpage Ext.
Free to reporting spammer
Free to modify your DNS records
Free to modify your Cpanel Themes
Firewall Protection
Graphical Database Management
High-speed, dependable servers
No Ads at all pages
Same day account activation (after payment received)
Upgradeable to Multiple Domain Parking *)
Upgradeable to Multiple Domain ADD-ON **)
Upgradeable to Private IP Address ***)

Pic 1. Cpanel Screen Shot using Blue lagoon themes

Click here to read more about Cpanel.
Click the image for ‘Free to try’ our Cpanel.
Click here to join with Cpanel User.
We also give to you ..
Ability to Manage PGP Keys
Access to Raw Log Files
Advanced Guest Book
Agora Shopping Cart
Auto Responders
Automatic Backup Restores
Bandwidth ge Graphs
CGI Email Script
Counter Generator
Crontab Jobs
Custom Error Pages
Custom Sub-Domain Redirects
Customizable Apache Handler
Customizable FTP Login Messages
Customizable Mail Filtering
Customizable MIME Types
Downloadable Backup
Entropy Banner
Entropy Search
File Manager
FTP Manager (add/remove acc, disconnect)
Hotlink Protection
Interchange Shopping Cart
IMAP and POP3 email access
Java Chat
Java Clock Generator
Java Countdown Generator
Lowest prices
Mail Manager (add/remove/change user & pass)
Microsoft Frontpage Extensions
Network Tools
Password Protected Directories
Random HTML Generator
Search Engine Submission
Secure Form Mail
Spam Assassin
Spam blocking
Sub-Domain Statistics
Support CGI/Perl/PHP/MYSQL
Unlimited Mail Responder
Viewable Error Logs
Visitor Demographics
Web Based DNS Lookup
Web Based Trace route
Webalizer Web & FTP Stats
Web mail (Neomail/Horde/Squirrelmail)
Weekly Backups
Web Protect (user/password Directory)
XMB Bulletin Board
Zend Optimizer (PHP Encrypt)

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Question by rikimaru_94: What are ideal specifications for a web hosting computer?
Hi. I’m planning on buying a cheap but decent laptop that I can use to make my own web hosting servers. What are ideal specifications for a computer that I will use for this? Cpu, Memory, all that stuff. I’m probably gonna use linux to host the server.
Please take note I am asking the specifications for a webhosting COMPUTER. Not a webhost for my own website. I want to make my own webhosting company.

Best answer:

Answer by icedragon
first of all you’re computer (what i think it should have for running smoothly) is about 3-4 gig ddr3 or ddr4 ram probably anything in between a Pentium 4 to a DUO Quad core possessor a motherboard that can handle all of that and then some and a fast internet connection plus if you are a gamer a diamond radeon hd video card

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Question by Alan K: dedicated web hosting that hosts webcam to webcam, needs to be cheap?
I am trying to put a webcam package on my site, my host now says they cant host this and i need a dedicated serve. there must be some solution, and cheap does anyone have any knowledge of cheap plans, without going intomega bucks per month

Best answer:

Answer by harry_adney
Why do you need a host? Is this something similar to Stickam? If so your bandwidth hill be huge so you’ll hit bandwidth limits eventually.

If you just want to contact webcam to webcam, with a known person, just use Yahoo Messenger, Windows Mesenger, Camfrog, etc.

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