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Question by ChrisL: Cheap Reliable Web Hosting?
Which web hosting company is best?

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Answer by byteofk
Includes your own free domain name, such as www.example.com
5 GB disk space
100 GB New: 250 GB bandwidth
50 POP e-mail accounts and 200 e-mail forwarding aliases
Webmail access to your e-mail
E-mail screening to block viruses and minimize spam
Free WHOIS privacy protection (other companies charge $ 8.99/year)
Web site statistics
PHP 4, PHP 5, Perl, and cgi-bin support, with FormMail and Counter CGI programs pre-installed
5 MySQL databases
SSH and telnet shell access
Unlimited subdomains
Mailman server software makes it easy to run mailing lists
FrontPage 98/2000/2002/2003 Server Extensions
Reliable servers with fast, redundant connections
Larger plans available to suit any sized Web site
Environmentally friendly, carbon neutral
No setup, cancellation or domain registration fees
Free technical support
$ 6.25 a month prepaid annually ($ 6.95 billed monthly)


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Question by : cheap web host for high school club website?
I am the webmaster for an anime club at Lakota East high school and i need cheap hosting for the club. we do not make income and hosting fee’s will have to be payed with by random donations. as we can not solicit donations either. So this does not add up to alot. all i need is 1GB storage or more and 1 mySQL database. we are a small club and will host a forum/chatbox/general web page content that only 50 or so people will ever read. So this is very small bandwidth. We can not afford much as mentioned before. Can someone please tell me where I can go to get cheap or free hosting. Or if you host websites, could you help us out. I could get your name in our school’s magazine and that would be cheap advertising. our school is looking to switch to cheaper hosting as their levy just failed. so it might pay off and we will not cost much to host. surely someone knows a service that can help us. thank you for your help and support. -Brady

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Answer by IT
Personally, I recommend E2 web hosting. They offer great hosting for a very affordable price.
Here’s a link to check them out: http://www.unlimband.com/webhost/e2.php

I host most of my sites with them and I’m very satisfied with their service.

Hope this helps.

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Question by Steve: cheapest web hosting?
whats the cheapest web hosting that has php, mysql (with more than 1 database) php sendmail ( mail() ), phpmyadmin, cpanel, at least 1gb space and a good amount of ram.

Does anyone know of a good cheap hosting that offers these (up to £3 a month roughly)?

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Answer by mdv1229
godaddy.com as low as $ 5 USD/mth, no frills and not much support, but cheap.

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