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Question by I’M: Cheap Reseller Hosting ?
I want to know genuine, reliable, legal and cheap web hosting providers uprated server/data centers by their own.

My criteria is they should offer reseller package with unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sub domain/domain,, unlimited sub reseller and end users account creation allowed, etc.
unlimited bandwidth mean maximum/high bandwidth
(Above than 10MB X 100=B/W)

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Answer by gary b
unlimited bandwidth? . LOLZ . ain’t gonna happen! ur dreaming!


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Question by bella_artist_uk: web hosting?
hello there,

I am building an online florist shop and looking for a free or very cheap web hosting company to use, any ideas?

thank you

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Answer by Ryan G
All the good ones aren’t free.
Mr Site is a good place, you get a load of email inboxes and the ability to have a shop/paypal mechanism for £35 a year.

The Mr. Site website: http://www.mrsite.com/

An example of a site made with Mr. Site: http://www.noe-version-2.co.uk/

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