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Question by exxos: cheap web/email hosting ?
Hi all,

paying a small fortune for 3 domains with 1 hosting package which just does not get used.

So looking for somewhere to transfer my 3 domains over too, each one has 1 email address with it, one is my main domain and has about 5 email accounts, webspace I just dont need as the domains are forwarding url’s. so just need somewhere which can keep my domains registered but also offers email hosting…

The only one I can find is fasthosts, but they seem to get really bad reviews, though all of them I looked at so far seem to also!

Are there any well known “good” hosts out there which are just geared up for email rather than full website hosting packages ?

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Answer by Kyle K
HostGator(.com) is cheap, but average quality tech support if you have not used cPanel.

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Question by Virgil: What’s the best web hosting company?
I need a super cheap web hosting company that is still really good. By super cheap I mean I don’t want to spend any more than about £20 a year.

I want PHP + MySQL. At least 1GB space, 3GB bandwidth.

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Answer by dgxshiny
Good, cheap: http://www.godaddy.com

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