{article} Cheap Windows & Linux Reseller Web hosting (Multi Platform)?]

Question by I’M: Cheap Windows & Linux Reseller Web hosting (Multi Platform)?
Cheap Multi Platrorm Windows & Linux Reseller Web hosting at world most cheap price.

Who cannot believe this ??? please visit the website http://iwrahost.com and confirm this information.

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Answer by Bye Michael, thanx 4 everything.
Bah, to get 500mbs you must pay $ 70.05 yearly??
How about unlimited everything for about $ 40 a year, including a free domain and top service.
See http://webhosting.moneysavecenter.com?id=m3y227 it is the only hosting company I have renewed my package with.
I have in fact moved up to their $ 8 a month deal to get 15 different IP addresses.
You can’t get that anywhere and this is for NO downtime. The sites just stay up.

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Question by Mayakondan: can you suggest me Cheap and Best Web hosting company in India?
should be the best customer support!!

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Answer by fdSFD D
i would suggest www.websideshop.com for excellent support

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Question by Bachelor boy: Is there any such thing as unlimited web hosting?
I have mysql php website with 350 mb mysql database data. This was a unlimited web hosting plan but the web hosting company does not seem keen to renew my hosting account and is taking ages to renew.

Is this because I have used 350 mb hard disk space ? This company provided unlimited space real cheap !

How many web hosting companies are truly unlimited in disk space ?

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Answer by Jess A
Umlimited web hosting a myth. Most companied don’t provide unlimited features. They simply advertise that they offer unlimited bandwidth and space. Here is an interesting article

Web Hosting Unlimited Transfer

I have been using Hostgator for 3 years without any storage or bandwidth problems. You can try their hosting service for 1 cent


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