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Question by shakespeareglobe: Cheapest plan with free-for-life domain included?
Can someone tell me where I can find the cheapest possible web-hosting plan that comes with a Free-for-life domain name? I want full DNS control, and/or the ability to transfer the hosting to another company. Hosting options do not matter; only the price does.
I’m already using netfirms and their $ 5.95/yr domain plan with free basic webhosting. Thats cheaper than any of the plans listed below. What I’m looking for is someone who can just sell me the domain name and give me access to DNS records. Never mind the free-for-life thing; if that can’t be found, I don’t mind paying a nominal fee–the domain isnt for a web site, so what kind of scripting, space, bandwidth, etc, that they supply is irrelevant.

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Answer by Miles D
Free for life only means for the duration of the contract/plan you have with the host provider. They will cut off the “free for life” when you leave their hosting service. Cheapest one I have found is 1&1 Hosting – http://tinyurl.com/1and1hosting . It’s $ 1.99 a month for the first three months.

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Question by ainealainn: Is there a cheap way for me to set up a website?
I’m setting up a business and need to have a website up and running urgently but budget is limited and I can’t afford to pay web design companies lots of money. I’ve heard that there are ways of doing this yourself, but what are they? Can anyone recommend a good site for making your own website (by the way I know about having to have a domain name… mine will be a .ie one if that makes any difference and also know about having to have a web hosting company – just have problems with the design) and maybe what’s been your experience of them? Advice greatly appreciated.

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Answer by random.princess

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