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Question by : Cheapest Web hosting?
I recently decided to change web host to some a little cheaper, cant find one though, im a graphics designer so this is what i need:
– huge storage
– good bandwidth
– able to connect my domain
– Analytics
– ad free

if someone can find the cheapest offer please say, will post more if i think of some more. thanks in advance
is there a way to preview these before i buy them, like for instance wix.com lets you play about before you buy it

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Answer by Limabean
Yes, the best by far for value is http://www.one.com/. They have good value packages with all of the things you asked for. They even have a free package (there is a small setup fee, but it’s still good value). You even get a voucher for Google Adwords.

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Question by blinik22: Yahoo Geocites, I have a company and I would like to sign up with Yahoo Geocites to do the web-hosting?
I found Yahoo is also offering cheap web-hosting service fee they will set up your company email addresses and website but how reliable is Yahoo?? What are the pros and cons of using Yahoo Geocites to host your email address and website?? I’m particularly cautious when it comes to receiving and sending out emails – is there a chance that since Yahoo will host my emails, will they be able to read my incoming and outgoing emails since they will probably keep a record of those in and out emails in their server. I’m a beginner when it comes to this whole internet thing so I don’t know if I will be able to handle everything if I sign up with Yahoo considering I am from the HongKong and Yahoo is in the US
I have an existing www.[name].com website already how do I transfer that domain from my current host to Yahoo??

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Answer by Bassman1
I have used Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting for several years with no major problems. Go to: http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/domains/ for answers to your questions or contact Yahoo customer service by phone. You can use a domain name you already have or get one from them. E-mail from any provider is not totally secure, if you send personal or sensitive information make sure its encrypted and use a secure connection.
Hope this helps

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Question by sri L: Any one cud help me?/to find the best and cheap site for web hosting?

Best answer:

Answer by neat09
I use http://www.geekhosting.com/.

A bit confusing with their logins but pretty cheap and no problems 8 months in.

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