{article} Cheaping Web Host witht eh Best Layouts?]

Question by shugarliozxxxx: Cheaping Web Host witht eh Best Layouts?
I want to find a cheap web host and that I can buy my domain from… they must have really good layouts/flash ones …. does anyone know of any?

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Answer by ardy
get a html editor and make your own…not too hard, just takes a little practice….you can download free ones…

godaddy.com is a good host…yahoo too…

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Question by Crazy K: Where can I buy cheap but highly reliable windows hosting?
Should support asp.net 1/2.0/3.5
Should be able to host multiple aspx web sites

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Answer by Ankit
in my view you can go with 1and1.com

i know that they have complicated processes in all the ways but at the end they have better services than anyone else

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