{article} Does anyone know the cheapest way to host a website for holiday lets?]

Question by mwetherell1: Does anyone know the cheapest way to host a website for holiday lets?
holiday let web hosting

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Question by Aaron C: What is the cheapest way to put up a website?
Go Daddy allows the purchase of a domain for like $ 10 per year, which is nice, but in order to host a website (as I understand it) it costs an additional $ 50 per year. Is there a cheaper way to put up a website? Do I even need web hosting, or can I just go with the domain name and still be able to post my website files to it? Thanks
I want the domain name to end in .com

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Answer by randomness123
You can just get a free domain from http://webng.com/ but it wont give you a normally used ending like com,gov,edu,org,etc. It’ll give you(as I remember) a co.uk or something along those lines but still its free.

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