{article} Does anyone know what the best reseller plans for web hosting and domains are?]

Question by radford_5k: Does anyone know what the best reseller plans for web hosting and domains are?
I’m in the process of setting up my own online-based marketing company. I wish to offer the cheapest possible domains and hosting; does anyone know what the best reseller plans for web hosting and domains are?

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Answer by Triple Threat
there is no best or cheap…usually the cheapest are the least reliable and offer the most terrible support. I use a GREAT web host for my site, and all my web design clients. If your interested in using a small company for 10-20/month, and they help setup your domains also, please feel free to contact me, and I’ll put you in touch with them! Having me refer you instead of posting a link to their site will result in better monthly fee and bandwidth and space…i get no kickbacks so either way.

*STAY away from Dreamhost(the worst of the worst), NEtwork solutions, godaddy, and verio and you’ll be OK!

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Question by Lizzie7777: Which web hosting service is good for actors?
Hey guys, i’m an actress and i’m looking for a good web hosting service that would be good to put on some videos and pictures of my work. I was thinking of using GoDaddy because it was cheap, but i’m not sure. I’m not planning on putting any “complicated” stuff on my website. Just my resume, pictures, and videos. So does anyone know a good web service? If there are any actors who can tell me where they made their site, that’ll be great. Thanks! 🙂

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Answer by skylark
“I am not an actor, I’m not a star.. and I don’t even have my own car…” (I hope you got the song!) 😀

But I’d still be able to lead you to a good one.

In my opinion, I’d stay away from Godaddy, JH, 1and1 and iPage. Some of them have very cheap prices to attract new customers but the service is nothing to talk about. In fact it is below average.

Check out Arvix on the following list:

It comes at around $ 60 for an year and you can have your videos, resume and pics on your site. They also provide top notch service and technical support. Hard to beat.

All the best.

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Question by cpt_rose: Web Hosting…?
I’m looking for a good quality web hoster that isn’t totally expensive…so far I’ve found this site as the best…does anyone know of one that is better/cheaper with all the same/more features…. http://www.servage.net/?coupon=cust23366 thanx for your replys…btw php is important and this site has included support for MSSQL DB connections to an external SQL Server (kinda important as well) thx for the help and info

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Answer by warehouse bowl skater
i am using yahoo small business and it seems okay.
It comes out to less than 15 a month…I used site builder 2.3,for free with their plans, to build my page(WWW.SUTURED.US) and it was okay. A little bit of a pain for certain things but all in all easy to use.
Barring a little illustrator and photoshop time, I had my site up and working within a few hours.

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