{article} Does my website hosting company effect how fast the web updates your page in other states?]

Question by helmutt: Does my website hosting company effect how fast the web updates your page in other states?
I updated my webpage a few days ago, and someone in New York said that they were seeing a very old page. Aside from the Cache, do you think that a cheaper hosting provider would do a worse job of getting my website changes out across the web to the different internet providers?

Or maybe it is the person’s internet provider that is slow in getting my changes up???

Let me know your thoughts, and thanks a million.

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Answer by anonymous
No, the ISP has nothing to do with any of that. If the page is updated on your server, then the changes will be reflected immediately to everyone who visits your site. That person could have been looking at an archived version of your site on another server (like Google’s cache) or simply seeing something saved on their computer. Good night!

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Answer by David G
Just try:


There you can find your answer.

Good Luck!

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Answer by Misc Tech Advice
either find a dedicated host or do colocation

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