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Question by R: Free equivalent to Dreamweaver?
Hi, I am hoping to start up an online business in the next year. But I dont know anything about setting up websites, web hosting HTML etc. I looked into buying Dreamweaver as everyone recommended it, but the price tag almost killed me. Are there any suggestions for a cheaper web software or even free? Thank you

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Answer by Darkndreary Shmuck
Would you consider partnering up up? If so, do contact me. I’m like, an amateur web designer, and i could deal with the techy stuff and you could provide content/products. Oh, and I have dream weaver.

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Question by : Anyone know a good site for web store hosting that is inexpensive?
im trying to set up a webstore currently im using webs.com it costs about $ 20 a month for unlimited products which i need but i would like to find something a bit cheaper

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Answer by Steve
hostgator is one option. An easier option if you want a simpler sitebuilder to use and unlimited hosting space is fatcow.com. Good luck

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Question by kaligurl2020: Anyone know good web hosting site.?
I’m looking for one that is fairly cheap that offers domain and that can be paid by paypal at setup. Oh and also offers month to month payments.

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Answer by «°•Jonathan•°»®©™
www.synthasite.com great place for it!
good luck!

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