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Question by Yahoo Answers Team: Free web hosting with a 100mb or larger file limit?
I cant find anything that will let me upload more than 25mb. Please help im just looking for it for a home business very cheap.
You’re so nice “out of your skill range” for your info. my isp won’t let me unless i buy one of the more expensive direct lines from them to my house for like $ 180/m. Also thanks for the site, it let me upload 1500mb at once at about 2mbps.

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Answer by Bunny Lord
100M is quite a bit to be expecting to be hosted for free. You could host your own site, but that is probably out of your skill range. So my advice to you is to bite the bullet and by some small hosting plan. They don’t cost all that much.

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Question by shams s: how do you create the web site cheapest and best & have hosting and pay pal plus what is the best way to sell?
I have an scent and oil store I’ve been looking at the possibilities for the longest time to start my business on line I currently own a store in the mall but business is getting slow every year and more customers are turning to internet I know its late this year but next year more customers will turn to internet I was unable to utilize internet option as I am not so internet savvy but this year business figures are forcing me to look into other possibilities in the market place I can also change my line of retail if someone have better idea for internet sale

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Answer by jwishz
A friend recommended that I check out On Stage Marketing. They help home based business market themselves via the internet, mail and phone. They really know their stuff. I particularly liked their money back guarantee. You can check them out at www.usdreamteam.com
Good luck with your business

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Question by : Which is the cheapest website hosting company / website in India?
Hi , Please provide me information for Windows web hosting package which would provide 100 MB space and 10 email ids and 1 domain no mandatory the data transfer. Do let me know the name of company or website for the same. Thanks.

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Answer by Fred Bear
I have found that the best and most reliable and the cheapest Windows hosting is in the USA.

Have a look at http://www.webhostingtalk.com/ and you can research what is best for you. Don’t always go for the cheapest, that’s a BIG mistake. Research and find the most reliable and the best 24 x 7 support at the best price.

The first two criteria ar really important. Look at up time/downtime and read testimonials about the provider’s support.

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