{article} Good web hosting with ffmpeg/flvtool2/mencoder support?]

Question by Gleasonator: Good web hosting with ffmpeg/flvtool2/mencoder support?
Hi all, I’m currently hosted at SiteGround, and am currently interested in switching. Here is information on SiteGround’s hosting plan (there is only one plan): http://www.siteground.com/hosting_features.htm

I would like something about equal or better, but I’d really like ffmpeg, flvtool2, AND mencode to be supported because I plan on adding a section for videos on my site. I need to have PHP support, but it would be awesome if I could have all this, plus ASP support at well. I’m looking mainly for shared hosting since it’s cheaper, but if that’s not possible, I’d appreciate links to dedicated hosting as well.

Thanks to everyone. I decided to ask here since all those “top web hosting” sites are scams, and I wanted a reply from real webmasters.

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Answer by Liu
i use hostgator,it’s pretty good.# UNLIMITED Disk Space
# UNLIMITED Bandwidth
# Host UNLIMITED Websites
# FREE Instant Setup
# 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
# 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
# CGI, PHP 5, RoR, Perl
# FREE Site Builder
# cPanel Hosting (totally awesome features!)
# 24/7/365 Upgraded Support
# No Contracts or Hidden Fees

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Question by abby: I’m a virtual real estate marketing assistant-need web hosting advice for realtors?
I currently do web maintenance to a real estate company’s existing site-just updates, uploading photos etc.,. Now a couple of agents asked me about helping them with putting together their own site. I am not sure what web hosting company to tell them to use. There’s so many but I want one that offers mls and doesn’t look like a cheap template. I know they don’t want to spend a lot and want to be able to maintain it themselves if they can. I just want to help them with choosing a company and getting the initial template together.

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Answer by ‘Just smile’
An alternative is to use a blog if youre NOT colllectng payments. Upgrading to prffessional look etc.


http://yourfreeworld.com willl be even better.

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Question by Jel: What is a good web hosting service?
I’m starting a small online lemonade stand-like business. I want to get a domain name that will allow me to have 2 or more POP email addresses for cheapest.

I know that I can get free web hosting, but is it possible to connect a freewebs site and a domain name from a diffrent company?

Currently I have freewebs, but I will switch to the cheapest.

These are the choices: freewebs, bravenet, tripod, verizon, geocities

Please no obscure sites that nobody has heard of. I don’t want any spam!


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Answer by cry_ur_pain_away
www.weebly.com is one. By the way, if you want domain masking, www.freedomain.co.nr will mask your url, but the extension is .co.nr instead of .com

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