{article} Good website hosts that have the latest php, mysql.etc?]

Question by Spyder: Good website hosts that have the latest php, mysql.etc?
Is there any good web-hosts out there that have really cheap prices and have mysql and php support? A cheap price is a must because I only will be using it for practising web design. A domain name is not needed.
Thank you, these websites are really good.

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Answer by Nithya
try with http://www.co.cc/

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Question by Badri K: Which ASP.NET 2.0 hostings are cheepest?
Im am looking for cheapest ASP.NET 2.0 web hosting with SQL.

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Answer by Zlavzilla
there could be others, but so far i found godaddy.com hosting to be cheapest.. for about $ 4 a month you get 500mb of web space 250gig of bandwith.. 1x200mb SQL db.. etc…

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Question by questioner: Need to build resturaunt website for friend, need advice!?
A friend wants me to build a resturaunt website for him, previously I have only experience w/Geocities. What web hosting service do you recommend? Need one that is cheap, easy and as similar to Geocities as possible. Thanks. 🙂

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Answer by Allan P
geocities is good but I would suggestion flash presentations. google around some of them are already premade for you, here’s the website:


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Question by non-existent: Free Craigslist Alternative?
I do web design and right now I’m primarily advertising on Craigslist. However, most of the people looking for web design on there want something really cheap and I do high-end designs. So is there something similar to Craigslist (meaning free and popular) but that appeals to bigger clients such as law firms or corporations? I just launched a web hosting site and my turnaround time is very fast.

I’m NOT looking for a bid site either, because that just gets me into a bidding war of how cheap I’ll do a service for. Thus defeating the purpose of finding expensive clients. I have a ton of experience and now charge upwards of $ 500 for a site (compared to $ 150-$ 250 when I first started off with web design), I just feel like I have a ton of talent and potential but it’s getting wasted advertising on Craigslist with the outsourced guys who will do it for $ 100.

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Answer by Let me steer you
Design your own web site where you advertise your services. The client will find it when they use a search engine. You can contract with Google and Yahoo to have your site prioritized in a search (but I hear it’s pretty expensive).

You’re not going to find “expensive” clients shopping the free want ads.

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