{article} Help me with an appeal for cheaper web hosting please.?]

Question by Ptudia: Help me with an appeal for cheaper web hosting please.?
I have a website that is coming up on renewal. Problem is, I used a promo code to get *the cheapest plan* for 22.40 (97$ off). Now to renew it will cost me $ 119.40, which, as a freshman in highschool, i simply cannot afford.

I know that they do not want to lose customers so if you guys would please help me with an appeal to them because i really cant switch. They have great customer service and would sureley help me out if i appealed correctly.

for those of you interested about the 97$ off promo code


will get you what you need.

dreamhost is my favorite host and i would really appreciate it if you would help me from moving.

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Answer by shawn k
contact the admin of sfipay that is who i use hi email adress is [email protected] in the subject bar put need some information and put your price range and stuff like that… i know him in person he is a good guy.

good luck

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Question by Lynne S: FrontPage extensions web hosting?
Hi, for a school project i had to create a website, and it was insisted that Microsoft programme FrontPage. Now, i created it for a girl guiding group and it was published on the school server. The leader of this organisation has now requested that i publish it properly. I am looking for the cheapest web host (preferably free) that can support front page extensions. It is not likely to be a heavy traffic website. Does anyone have any suggestions or help me find a good web host. Thanks.

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Answer by David G



Hope this helps.

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