{article} How can I let users of my website add their own content?]

Question by : How can I let users of my website add their own content?
I run the website for the local football team and managers want to add news articles and match reviews etc but the web host is a cheap one it doesn’t allow databases or sql and it only allows one ftp account so I am having to add the content myself. is there a way of them adding to it without re-designing the whole site or upgrading the host? the site is currently in HTML 4.01, does HTML 5 have any new features which allow for this?

thanks in advance

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Answer by Callum Macpherson
if this website is a forum then they should be able to make their own posts whenever they want, and if not, look up on how to add a forum to a website.

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Question by : I need help finding the perfect web hosting site for my needs!?
Okay, so I want a static home page and then the following different components: a blog, videos, photos, podcasts.

I already have my domain name. I’m just so overwhelmed by all the choices out there for hosting! Please let me know what you think. Also, obviously the cheaper the better, but I certainly don’t mind shelling out extra money for the best host.


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Answer by Pramod
Www.ning.com is the best website for u… It contains all the feature and have lot of apps… It’s really best… Type the word NING in google and click the first option…ning is very useful and simple for creating any website..

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Question by Ozzy: Good free web hosting and domain?
I need a good free web hosting site with a free domain name and no sub-domain name with no forced ads, and it allows me to put my own ads on and doesn’t force me to use it’s templates and stuff like that(it’s ok if it has them, I just don’t want to be forced to use them), if there really are none for free, then one that is cheap and I don’t have to pay until my site is online. but I’d prefer a free one.
such horrible suggestion’s…

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Answer by Fabster58
The best free site that I know of at the moment is weebly at http://www.weebly.com/

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