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Question by novelgal90210: How do I get traffic to my website on the net for free or very cheap?
I sell candles, oils, oil burners and other fragrant items. I am also about to sell fun costume jewerly. I signed up with a web hosting compy and it’s great for designing a web site, but as far as putting you in search engines – not so great.

Could anyone tell be the best way to get my site in the tip search engines or just plain advertise on the net on the cheao (preferable free).



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Answer by Smiley
Hi Stephanie,
I can tell you an excellent way but you’ll need to email me as I’m not allowed to post the link here.

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Question by typh39: What is a good web host for a web-comic?
A friend and I are looking for a good web host to go to for a web-comic that will contain violent comics. A free one is what we are mainly looking for. Does anyone know of any good web-hosting service that is free (or cheap) that will allow us to host our web comic that may contain violent strips?

(no Homestead please…)
A web-hosting service that would allow a “mature” comic to be displayed actually, is what we are shooting for.
A clarification on the violence issue:

The comics will not be all the time violent, there will be some parts that will be, because it’s a war and some dark scenes as well occasionally.

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Answer by Bilal
Considering the fact that your website will contain violent content, a free host is what I’d not recommend. This is because they have certain terms and conditions that will disapprove your content without any prior warning. So you’ll probably end up with a suspended account with all your files deleted once you have spent a lot of time setting up the website.
A cheap host and a host that will allow you any sort of content is BlueHost. They’re only $ 3.95 a month and they were recently awarded the best Web Host of the year 2009
Here is a review of the host that might help.


The website also features reviews of other top webhosts and if you want to, you can browse through the home page.

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