{article} How much does web host cost and tell me can I trust free web host?]

Question by : How much does web host cost and tell me can I trust free web host?
Hi yahoo answer can anyone tell me can I trust free web host … Else tell me some web host with cheap cost… And also mention some of the websites to refer web host…

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Answer by chris j
check that link out it has unlimited everything and its only 3.99 a month you really cant trust free websites this is the way to go for sure thats what i use www.cheapnaturalpower.com

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Question by Anonymous Lady: Best Web Hosting?
a)Best web hosting service?
b)Cheapest web hosting service that is not free?
c)Web hosting service that allows user most options (such as email, multiple accounts, etc).

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Answer by Jman18
Try IXwebhosting theyre awesome in my opinion

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Question by Jervin: Which one is the cheapest and best web hosting service provider?

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Answer by raysor
I worry when someone says cheapest. All you want is value for your money. We have always used 1&1 (two years) and have been completely satisfied. (other people have rubbished them)
If you develop your website correctly it will soon pay for the hosting. We are still trying to develop our visitor numbers (use Statcounter.com) but our website more than pays for itself without concentrating on earning money.Have a look http://www.shareworld.co.uk Let us have your comments

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