{article} How to combine web domain with web hosting… if I bought from different companies??? HELP NEEDED PLEASE?]

Question by scrap.scrap1: How to combine web domain with web hosting… if I bought from different companies??? HELP NEEDED PLEASE?
I would like to buy a web domain name from a site called goodluckdomain.com. But the web hosting services are expensive and I would like to buy web hosting services from a different website (company).

But how do I do the linking?

I am not a programmer. So if it requires a lot of procedures…. then please tell as elaborately as possible and ofcoz in simple words!

Thank you so much and have a great day!

Linking web domain name to web hosting if they are bought from different sources.


if you suggest any other website company that offers both (domain and hosting) which is absolutely cheap, then let me know!

Once again,

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Answer by Shore Dutton

When you set up your hosting you will be given the names of the hosting companies DNS Name Servers (usually two).

On your domain name control panel you will be able to change the Name Servers to those given to you by your hosting company.

NOTE: It can take up to 48 hours for the new name servers to propagate around the Internet after making the change.

Check out webbhostingbuzz for your domain name/hosting. They have some good deals and the service is fantastic. I’ve used them for around five years and only ever had one major downtime issue. Here’s the link:


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Question by Lou: Need a web host recommendation…?
Looking for a cheap web host that doesn’t require me to sign up for 3 years to get the cheap rate. All my site needs is a main page, a couple sub pages and a forum. So I don’t need a ton of added features.

Disk space: Unlimited would be nice however would take whatever you guys think I would need.
Backup: Needs backup
Email features: NONE don’t need it don’t want it and I’d prefer not to pay for something I don’t need.
Design Features: Adobe Go Live Compatible would be nice
Forum software: required

If I haven’t made it obvious I’m quite new to this however will have some help from some techy friends to get it up and running. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Question by TheTruthHurts: I am looking for a cheap webhost?
I am looking for a cheap web host with some AWESOME stats
about 200mb space
plenty of transfer 4 or 5g
more than one MySQL DB.
for around 25-35$ a YEAR?


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Answer by miabulhassan
Consider these guys. I host with them. They are really very cheap and provide good support.



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