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Question by Vaasan: How to host web site via bank payment?
I wanted to host my domain in a cheaper way! I dont have any credit cards so i just decided to host my domain via a bank payment accepting hoster!

My Main Features for the servers

Php 5

Is there any hoster available for bank payment?
Its very urgent!!!!!!!!!!!

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Answer by Wonder
I use StartLogic and they accept checks.



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Question by mega_saiyan: how much is it to post a website?
im working on my web design for my uncle and now he wants my to publish it. hes also asking how much do the webhost charge to post one. so thats what im researching on but i cant find a good one. does anyone know a decent web host thats either cheap or free?

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Answer by -?Myrage¬-
There are many options here. If you want a professional website with a custom name you’ll need to have the site hosted and purchase the domain name. A decent hosting company shouldn’t charge you more than $ 10 a month for everything you need. Some will even register the domain name for you for free. However, I don’t recommend letting them register the name. Instead, go to a place like http://www.networksolutions.com and register the name yourself. The cost will not exceed $ 35 a year for the name. This will get you a professional looking website such as myunclebill.com

If you’re looking for an absolutely free host, there are plenty to Google. This option will get you an address such as www.geocities.com/myunclebill/index.html.

Hope some of this helps.

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Question by Princess: Who wants Ten Points….. I need help!!!?
I am current working on a Fashion and Beauty website message board. I don’t like the free templates my Web Hosting has to offer. Where can I find a Web Designer for cheap. Otr is there a program I can purchase?
Ten Points for the best anwer

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Answer by Lavina
go to freewebs.com

you can upload graphics, files, documents, and music…

and of course: IT’S FREE! 🙂

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