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Question by Marco M: How to publish website using my home FTP Server?
I have built ftp servers before to transfer data files across the internet. The server is reached with the ip address as you know and I want to know how to publish a website using my own ftp. Web hosting sites charge by the FTP server size, publishing features and domain registration. I’m not looking for something free or cheap instead something reliable. I have all the tools to create my own website with unlimited storage. How to publish it?

My concern is to make my services reachable through search engines so I attract new clients. I’m o.k working with computers and graphic design but I’m new to web publishing. Please help
I said I don’t want it free, meaning free from ads and 100% reliable. I can purchase a 2TB NAS to run my FTP server just to handle my website at a much lower price than what I’d be paying for online 10GB FTP server.

I’m not building a FTP. Leave FTP issues out of the topic. I want to know what sites would allow me to puchase a domain like: www.mysite.com and use my personal server where to upload all data files, pictures, HD Videos, and much more stuff.

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Answer by frankey_brawns
get a website and host it oyurself

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