{article} I am looking for hosting options for my Web Development Company?]

Question by Gunther V: I am looking for hosting options for my Web Development Company?
I am based in South Africa and would like to know if the are cheap options out there for hosting website and domains.

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Answer by Daniel R
I recommend Dreamhost http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting.html

They’re the best:

1. You get a free domain from them (actually 2 if you use the promo code, more about that later)
2. They have 500 GB of Disk Space and increasing
3. 5TB (5000 GB) of Bandwidth and increasing
4. You can use their huge Disk Space and host multiple sites on a single account.
5. Their standard price is $ 119.40/year ($ 9.95/month if you pay yearly)
but you can use the Promo Code: PLUS (at sign up page) and get a $ 50 discount + 2 Free Domain Names
6. This way you get them for $ 69.40/year ($ 5.78/month)
7. This is the best value for the price!

P.S. If you’re willing to pay $ 20+/monthly for a webhost I recommend:

1. http://www.mediatemple.com
2. http://www.slicehost.com

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Question by sen_thatbrownguy: Web hosting and domain names?
does anyone know where to find cheap webhosting and domain names? ( if you can find it for free great haha but i doubt it)


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Answer by Lyn4TiK
geocities is free. and you can get a short name at .tk

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Question by lokendrabadu: which is the best web hosting site for video site?
i need cheap and best one with unlimited scheme

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Answer by Kirstie

When choosing a web host it’s of course important to consider the cost (some hosting can be very expensive) but here are some other important things you should take into consideration too:

Web Hosting Space: Some web hosts will only give you 500MB or so of space. This could be a concern if you are looking at creating large websites.

Bandwidth: Some web hosts will severely limit the bandwidth you can use before you incur extra charges.

Uptime: There’s no point in having a website if people can’t see it. Does your web host offer at least a 99% uptime guarantee?

Number of websites allowed: If you’re looking to host more than one website on your account, will your web host charge you more to do this?

Support: If you have any problems you need to be able to contact your web host quickly and easily to get the problem sorted.

I have used Hostgator as my web host for over two years now and have been very very impressed with them. Firstly they’re very cheap but still give me more web hosting space and bandwidth than I’ll ever need, the ability to host unlimited websites, a 99.9% uptime guarantee and great customer support. You can find them at http://www.webhostgator.info

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