{article} i am searching for a cheap web hosting, where i can host my site,?]

Question by gaurav: i am searching for a cheap web hosting, where i can host my site,?
well the best that i got till now is 250 GB hosting space with 500GB data transfer and one free domain, 2000 subdomains and 2000 email ids’ worth 11$ only per month, if some one has any more hosts less than this one, please tell me, i can’t put the website’s link here as it will be called advertising, and am not connected with that website so i won’t put the link here, if anyone wants that link, mail at [email protected] and get the link, also if you still think it’s advertising, yahoo also cancells account for making wrong complains so remember this before you complain, and if you want the link, mail now, once i get off line, i won’t be able to give you any link,
hey, your answer is wrong, it is per month not per year, i checked it out, and what i was telling was 11$ per year, so i need fegures in years, your is 3$ monthly, means 3*12 ==> 36$ yearly, and it’s not good,

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Answer by TransportExpert
I think about the best you can do is: http://www.1and1.com/?k_id=7476150

It really depends on what features you are going to use though. Most hosts offer much more than you are going to need.

But they offer:

250GB Transfer and 5GB hosting for $ 2.99 a year.
500GB Transfer and 50GB hosting for $ 4.99 a year
1,000GB Transfer and 100GB hosting for $ 9.99 a year

I put most of my web design clients with them.

WARNING though… their phone support is pretty crappy.

If you are looking for super cheap and are a little risky you could try http://www.UCVHost.com/ For $ 1.00 a month, yes $ 1/month, they provide 1GB space and the theoretical “Unlimited” bandwidth. We use them with a couple sites and they aren’t that bad but they had some issues with email a while back and I jumped ship.

Hope this helps.


Okay, well if nothing else my post just shows you got a good deal.

As I think you noticed your post says $ 11 per month, so I was just going off that.

I think to most people $ 11 per year or $ 30 per year is pretty much all the same. I’ve found that the level of support is super important. UCVHost.com offered $ .80/month accounts but then they stopped answering their support email accounts. So I got what I paid for. Best of luck to you.

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Question by swet_lala: Cheap Web Hosting Packages?
Can anyone suggest a good deal for hosting my web site?

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Answer by Jeremie I

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Question by i like 2 ask: is there a cheap web hosting site?
i am looking to make a website but the only places i can find are like $ 10.00 a month and i want it to go either yearly or monthly but really cheap also dont ssay freewebs i dont really like it (also i’m not looking for people saying i shouldn’t make it i put alot of thought into and i really want to)

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Answer by Casey(keriafu)
http://icasee.com is good.
The free hosting is good and the paid is good too. Just more space etc.

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