{article} I want to set up a website for my very small business, spending the least amount of money.?]

Question by Mum of two: I want to set up a website for my very small business, spending the least amount of money.?
I have created a website and from what I can understand, I need a domain name and web hosting service??? Is this correct and does anyone know a good and free/cheap one??? please help, I don’t really know what I am doing!!!

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Answer by Benjamin
When I owned my own business, I used Yahoo here. About 3 years ago, they were charging maybe $ 9 a month.

If you go with them, they have a little download called Yahoo site builder. It’s not too bad.

Good luck!

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Question by lindiejon: would like to make a web site mostly to make money on adsense Etc?
Looking to make a wesite that I can do google and adsense on nothing fancy . I don’t have the money to hire it done. Looking for simple do it yourself website design and hosting services. easy and cheap being the key words here. Thanks

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Answer by Mad_Theorist
You can get templates from places like TemplateMonster.com which aren’t usually very expensive except if you buy them exclusively, then you just fill in the content with whatever web page editor you like (in theory).

Hosting – don’t go for freebies of $ 10 / year type as they generally very unreliable. Maybe $ 100 / year shoudn’t be too bad. I’ve a feeling even Yahoo do it now.

As for making money with Adsense….hmm, if you get significant traffic (as in 1000 visitors a day) and have a site that’s semi-useful then it’s possible to make decent money from it. But anything less and you might end up making about $ 2/day.

Also you’re not allowed to produce sites exclusively for Adsense which is a bit broad, but basically it has to have useful content and the ads are just supplemental.

We’ve got for example one site that gets about 100,000 uniques a month and makes about $ 100 and another that gets around 50,000 and makes that a day…! Very hit and miss.

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Question by : Best way to advertise?
What’s the best way to advertise my web hosting either for free or at a cheap price. I’ve tried Gumtree and a webhosting directory so far.

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Answer by George Cloonee
The best way to advertise is via High Traffic Free Classifieds Directory.

You can find a good list of places to advertise.
Google it using keywords such as:-
Biggest Classifieds
Largest Classifieds
Best Online Classifieds
Free Community Classifieds
Free Classifieds Directory
Free Ads Tv
High Traffic Free Classifieds Directory
Sites Like Craigslist

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