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Question by knowitall: if you have oscommerce knowledge, please help!?
I have a huge problem: I had an oscommerce site for 9 months, and now I want to make a lot of improvements on it to make it work. it includes blog, newsletter sign up, web site frame change and easier navigation, more payments options. I have contacted 5 web designers so far, and all of them are saying that this site is done, it will be too expensive to fix it as it has a lot of bugs (70 found) and that I will be better of to have a jshop instead of oscommerce or generally ecommerce. I had a look at prices of jshop and general ecommerce, and it costs a lot, around £3000… i dont know what to do as it is too much. Please advise me on that.

p.s. i was given a cheaper option by my web hosts to buy another new oscommerce site which is EROTICCATdotCOdotUK . is it any good?

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Answer by stevieperv
If you want to do that, why not have a look at cube cart which is much easier to customise that oscommerce because the templates are very easy to edit. You can easily change the colours, layout, nav etc and if you have the php skills to be able to write your own modules, its very easy to add these things to it although you do get a newsletter sign up as std on cube cart. Why would you want to make a blog on your shop though?

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Question by : Best Advertising methods?
What’s the best way to advertise my web hosting either for free or at a cheap price. I’ve tried Gumtree and a webhosting directory so far.

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Answer by Mimosatree
Viral marketing is a great way to advertise your site because it never stops.

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