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Question by Gnome_Is_An_Anagram: Inexpensive but reliable web host…does it exist?
I have 2 small business websites at the moment…I pay $ 30 a year for each. They both started out with 50MB storage & 1000MB transfer. On one of them, I bought 50MB more storage. Domain was/is free.

However, I am constantly having problems with them. The websites will go down during peak hours for no reason, mail service is sporadic, I have deleted 3/4 of my website because they say I keep going over my limit…this is on the 100MB one.

I feel like I should look for a new one, but I really can’t spend much more than $ 60 total a year for the two together. I know you can get multiple domains now under some hosting plans, but by the time you pay for the extra domains, it’s not cheap anymore.

Where can I find something reasonable? Having all the bells & whistles is not a priority, but would be nice.

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Answer by velvet_an_steel
I did bravenet for a year, price vs what you get was not to bad for the mid range paid hosting

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Question by ashif a: Which hosting is best among these?
I am going to launch a shopping website whose users would be mostly from Saudi. I need suggestion from you all to help me in choosing the best web host. I have sorted out these 3 hosts after a lot of searches- Godaddy(because they claims they have cloud hosting and its superb fast also), Inmotion Hosting(as I found from reviews that they are reliable and their tech support is superb), Bluehost (a lot of features for a cheap price). Could you please suggest me the best one?

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Answer by ??
Of those three, Blue Host is the best and you’ll get more for your money. You will get a Control Panel which will give you free applications like these, all for one price…


The Control Panel lets you change all your settings and monitor your traffic statistics for free and there are plenty of other services and perks included in your membership.

I use Hostmonster which is just about the same as Blue Host. In fact, I’m pretty sure Hostmonster is Blue Host re-branded because they appear to use the same Blue Host servers. ZigZag and HostGator are also good choices.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from GoDaddy. I had them for a year. While it is true you can buy cheap domains, they will charge you extra for each individual service afterward and their prices for those services are ridiculous. Others host give you those services for free but not GoDaddy. How else can they afford to pay for all those expensive Superbowl commercials starring Danica Patrick and several different Hollywood celebrities??? Their customers pay for it. If you use GoDaddy, you’ll be sorry.

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Question by ookup: Web host that will let me host adult .torrent files?
Does anyone know of a hosting site that will let me host LEGAL adult .torrent files on its server / my site?

I don’t intent to track the torrents, as I have another site for that, but I just need to be able to let users download the torrent from my site.

It needs to be relatively cheap and allow me to use Frontpage to upload my site.

I’m with Hostmonster at the moment but they don’t allow adult material so they are no good, but they are the only reliable host I know of…


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Answer by Michael V
You should try http://www.radixhosting.com/

They allow hosting legal adult content, and legal torrents. They don’t allow running a tracker, but from what I understand you are not planning to track them from that hosting account.

Their accounts start at $ 3 / month, and they have some terrific uptime. I’ve been with them for over a year now, and service and support has always been wonderful. Highly recommended !

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