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Question by Kayla: Inexpensive web host with lots of web space?
I need a free (or very cheap, but preferably free) web host that gives a lot of web space. So far I haven’t been able to find any that offer more than 100MB. I want to make a website with pictures and eight 60MB videos so I’ll need at least 500MB of web space, but 600MB+ would be ideal. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Answer by YahoooAnswers
List of my paid trusted web hosts:

Intelligent Web Hosting


If you check out their plans, you should see that their services are topnotch. Check out some reviews on those hosts I provided. It’s weird how good hosts get bad reviews and vice versa.

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@ ISOWORLD. If it’s the best host provider, I will cut my head off. Paid hostings = reliable.

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