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Question by TheHumanist: Is a com domain name important for a free hosted web site or not ?
I currently have a free hosting space at 000webhost and a free domain name, but unfortunately i cannot see either of them on search engines.
The two domain names are : co.cc and heboro.com
The space and bandwidth i have is enough for the content i uploaded and it would be cheaper if i obtain a .com domain name instead of paying for a better hosting every month.

I want to know , if i obtain a .com domain for my free hosted web site, will it be shown on search engines ?

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Answer by Nate D
The .co.cc is actually a sub-domain and not a true TLD. The dot cc is the TLD and co is the domain name. Being a sub-domain like that are often regarded as less important, as their are many completely unrelated websites on the same domain name.

Having a dot com does not guarantee a listing on the search engines. But, one of the keys is to get linked to from related sites.

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Question by James S: Places to upload your website through FTP?
Hi, i am having trouble,
I am using quite a few programs to design your website, but
I don’t know where i can upload my website to?
do you know of any cheap, or free web hosting for my website?
i don’t mind having a subdomain or a subpage, at least i got a domain.

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Answer by Mike
There are tons of free web hosting services out there. Most of them have their advertisements embedded in so your page will display a link to them at all times.

Check out

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Question by Tara D: Domains and Hosting with godaddy.com?
I was considering starting up a website and making it kind of a portfolio. With godaddy.com, is web hosting and having a domain two different things? If so can I pay for the domain and then host using a different server? I am trying to go as cheap as I can. I have a web hosting server that is free that I used when I was in school, but I want to have my own domain with my own email address. Thanks for any info…..
Also does it allow you to have email service or do you pay more for that?
Thank you very much! For now I am going to just buy the domain and I have a different web host for now….I am going to start working on it haha I am so excited! Thanks Again!

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Answer by flybishop
A domain and hosting are two different htings. A domain is the actual name of your site, ie. example.com. Hosting is where that domain is pointing to so that when someone enters that domain it finds your site.

With godaddy you can purchase a domain name or just hosting, or both. They are two separate costs but are quite inexpensive. A domain name costs $ 9.99 a year and hosting costs a few $ 5.99 a month with godaddy. I know that with godaddy you get 100 email addresses included with your hosting.

I am a reseller for godaddy, if you go here you can see the price plans and buy a domain and hosting if you’d like:


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Question by : Is it easy to make your own website?
I am a beginner photographer (more of a hobby than a career), however, I want to have my own domain name w/o paying an arm and a leg. There are amazing websites like Livebooks that are great for displaying photos, but cost like $ 15/month! I am very web-challenged, so bare with me, but is it possible to purchase a website template (I noticed they often only cost a one time fee of $ 50-100) and then use a web-hosting website (pretty cheap… about $ 10/year). In this case, can’t you just edit the template and upload it to a web-hosting site… or is there more software required? I have little to no knowledge of how this works, so would this be possible or am I way off base? Thanks ahead of time!

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Answer by Tom Calland
Yeah www.weebly.com is definitely the best option. I’m 13 and I do photography too, I have made my own website on weekly free: www.tomcalland.co.uk
It does what I need it to and it doesn’t look to shoddy I don’t think..

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