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Question by ainealainn: Is there a cheap way for me to set up a website?
I’m setting up a business and need to have a website up and running urgently but budget is limited and I can’t afford to pay web design companies lots of money. I’ve heard that there are ways of doing this yourself, but what are they? Can anyone recommend a good site for making your own website (by the way I know about having to have a domain name… mine will be a .ie one if that makes any difference and also know about having to have a web hosting company – just have problems with the design) and maybe what’s been your experience of them? Advice greatly appreciated.

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Answer by random.princess

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Question by logansuantak: Hi What is the difference between Web-hosting and buying your own domain and host yourself?
I have checked on the internet. For Web-hosting, it gives you a domain name but the prices are too high like $ 4.99 per month. However, when i tried to buy my own domain at Register.com, it cost me only $ 14.19 per year, which is much cheaper. What is the difference between this two? Is there any specific website which can be trusted to buy domain with credit card? so many frauds this days, none can be trusted over the internet you know. I thank anyone in advance who could answer my question.

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Answer by i_am_fava
The 4.99 a month is for webhosting, depending on the host it may also include a free domain name. The quote you got for 14.19 a year is just for the domain name, you still need to buy webhosting at 4.99 a month.

If you get a free domain when you buy webhosting you need to be careful, the host will own the domain, not you. If you have problems with the host and want to change hosting companies they might not let you take the domain with you.

If you deal with any one of the major registrars or webhosts you wont have any problems with your credit card.

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