{article} Is there a good, but cheap web site design program that is easy to use for a newbie?]

Question by Mr. C: Is there a good, but cheap web site design program that is easy to use for a newbie?
Im looking for a good but easy to use for a newbie, and cheap web site design program. Im tryinf to build an online store. I have a domain name and am being hosted, I just have to do it. Help ! ANYONE?

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Answer by yo momma

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Question by Limit Government: Web Hosting and Domain Name help?
Two questions:

1) I want to find a very cheap (like 50 cents a month) deal, where I can get my domain name on the internet, but only have an “under construction page” with a contact button and my logo.

2) I want a cheap, yet reliable, Web Host that will give me great features that is, like I said, cheap. Around $ 40 per year… if that’s not too cheap.
Well… fatcow has a deal like I siad in #1 for $ 5 a year.


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Answer by .ePrix
Domains are not 50 cents per month and no domain provider would ever sell one for 50 cents per month, Unless it’s a special deal for a certain amount of time.

For the web hosting


Free domain with hosting.

For the domains


Look at http://www.retailmenot.com for free discount coupons

@ Fatcows Mini Moo Plan.

That has to one of the worst plans I’ve seen, All you get is VERY FEW features and a webpage editor. You won’t achieve much.

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