{article} Is there a way to host my own website through my own server?]

Question by james: Is there a way to host my own website through my own server?
Ok, I want to make a website, but without paying the monthly fee of a web host.

After registering my domain, building my website, and preparing my linux server…what do i do?

How do i put all of this stuff together (domain+website+server) to make an accessible website.

I know webhosts are cheap (and some are free) But i wanna do this for my own knowledge, since i am a computer enthusiast.

Also…when it comes to the server…does processor speed and ram really matter?

AND…how do i determine the “bandwidth” after everything is set up. ( like when webhosts tell you that you have a certain “limit” of bandwidth, or however many visitors can visit your site.)

Ty in advance…

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Answer by Danlow
Yep, easiest way for a very basic user, is to design your website… then drag and drop your index.html file (the main opening page of your website, into this program, which will auto host it…


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Question by tybardy: i want to build my own web page… need some info.?
I would like to start my own web page, I will be selling products on this web page as well as have articles and other stuff..

I want to do this for a cheap as possible, I do not know how to write HTML so i will need either software or some veriety of help in the actual building.

As well I need to know a good (and cheap) place to get my domain name and host my web page.

Any ideas and help would be fabulous, thank you all

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Answer by tah_na123
if u r new and want to build site in cheaper price and best of without using HTMl then download the adobe Dreamweaver trail for 30 days build the site in a free way. because i am making the website rite now using trail vesion because the full version cost u $ 399.00.

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