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Question by Chazy K: Linux VPS can i run Windows Programs on a vps?
Ok, I was going to get a vps, but they are far to expensive for me, so i was looking at linux servers and they were much cheaper.

I need a vps for web hosting and hosting a game server but both which i use are for windows only, now i think there is a program for linux which runs windows programs.

But i need to know if it works so can i run window programs on a linux vps or can you tell me a way how to.

or if you know a windows vps for under £15 ($ 15) please tell me but i highly doubt that there is

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Answer by rigor01
Don’t know if it works on a Linux distro that’s VPS specific, but Wine is one way to run Windows apps on a Linux server:

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Question by Bob: I am making a website and need advice.?
I am making a website that will have the following features:

1. Forums for asking questions and people with an account can answer them. (Like yahoo answers.)
2. Live chat (Not video chat) where people can post pictures, equations, ETC. to multiple people
3. A checkout because I will have a monthly $ 5.00 membership for extra features like chat
4. Ability to make an account with free features of the forums to ask questions
5. I need to be able to make changes so an administration for monthly updates.

I was wondering if anyone knew any great designing software where I can make this website from scratch. I will not use ones with templates and cost crazy amount of money. Please don’t say Kompozer or WordPress because I tried them. So basically, does anyone know any great programs where I can do the above, and is cheap? And does it have a web host provider as well? THANKS!
I am currently taking a web design class that uses Kompozer and that is why I do not like it. I know a lot of web design and I can learn any program within an hour or two lol

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Answer by Harvard Han
Then you might want to take web design classes. Or you can learn on your own if you can.

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