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Question by jasperville: looking for free web hosts?
I’m looking for a free webhost that allows adult content? And I need to be able to direct link to the images. I’m part of an art community which allows most forms of nudity except for male erections, it’s a silly rule, really. I’m cheap and lazy, so I want to find something free and easy to use.
Thanks for the youporn.com link, but that’s for videos only. I need an image host 🙂
Yargh! The art community I belong to IS Deviant Art, they don’t allow boners. And the artwork I want to display is not sellable, it’s just for fun and I want to find a place to display it. Devart is afraid of boners, you can show everything else, but no boners. It’s a very silly rule.
I don’t really care if someone “steals” this artwork…besides once you put anything on the internet, anyone with a lil brains can figure out a way to copy it, download it or screw with it if they want to. Copyright law needs to be overhauled, because the internet has created all sorts of new problems!

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Answer by misterguru
well geez…that’s hella funny! haha but yeah…


this will assist you with all the artsy flesh you wish to display or download..and it will be your new freedom of Art ticket to flirty fridays “Art class”! …. hehe

good luck, mate

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