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Question by i-am-dumb: Need a web host?

I am looking for a cheap reliable webhost that supports flash media for streaming webcams ,

all answers in the reply box thanks.

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Answer by reformed45

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Question by lovy: Web Designing. what are the steps involved in hosting a site?
hello. I want to start a website but i dont know the steps involved in hosting and as well im looking for cheap but reliable hosts. Can any 1 please just help by givin me the steps invloved? and as well how do u get profit from your sites?. Also do you pay monthly or do u pay once?

i have done some websites even winning awards in college but hav not really hosted any since it was all academic.

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Answer by Biff
Hi, i dont think you would actually want to be a web hostess! That would entail you in having to spend a lot of money on servers etc. I believe what you need is a free site to host your web site. Try this out,it is free and gives you all the info required to make your own web site.


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Question by : Can I have my Wix website hosted through a different web-host?
I have started using wix.com ‘s free website builder to construct a flash website for my new business. However, I do not like their hosting options at all. Can I create the website using Wix’s flash website builder and then have it hosted somewhere else with a custom domain(www.mywebsite.com) and at a better/cheaper price with more options?

I’m thinking of creating the website free through wix.com, then registering a domain with godaddy.com, and hosting from bluehost.com or similar company. What are your recommendations, and again…can I have my wix site hosted somewhere other than at wix.com?

***I’m a novice at website building so that’s why I would like to use wix to create my site if possible. The pages seem professional looking, but not overly complicated to create………..but if hosting my site elsewhere is not an option through Wix…what similar free flash creating sites do you suggest? (that will also include the capability of being hosted somewhere else)

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Answer by Sam
Perhaps you could see your page source from the free website you created at wix? Then copy it and create a zip folder so you could extract it in the cPanel?

I recommended getting godaddy .com domain for $ 1.49 with code NEWYEAR11 while they last

Then host it on Hostgator for reliability, meaning you site won’t be slow or down most of the time. They have the cPanel which you could do whatever you want to you website, super great customer service who reply to my email in minutes and very knowledgeable staff. Good uptime Guarantee unlike other hosting company who say Guarantee but don’t follow through. Plus they have great promotion such as 20% off or $ 0.01 cent for first month offer, plus a $ 50 rebate, which can be found at http://poormoney.com/hostgator-50-rebate/

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